Pinoy Pao

When Filipinos are hungry, which is most of the time, they don’t really go to some fancy restaurants to get their fill. They go to places that are easy to get too and one that serves simple yet filling food that they like. With a Pinoy Pao food cart franchise you can feed those hungry countrymen and at same time have a successful business that can support you and your family.

What will you be selling? You’ll be selling two Filipino favorite snack foods – Siopao and Siomai. When it comes to that meat filled steamed rice-flour bun that is the Siopao you have a variety to offer from the quintessential Asado or diced pork or beef cooked in soy sauce or the venerable Bola-bola which is the Chinese style pork meatloaf filling.

To add a little something different there’s also Ham and Cheese – a combination that may be a little strange when it comes to Siopao but truly delicious crowd pleaser. Then there’s also the Siomai, that Chinese dimsum that’s deliciously filled with either shrimp or pork. It’s a good finger snack or as part of the meal to really fill those hunger pangs.

For only P25,000 you get the Pinoy Pao franchise that includes the cart, the products that you will be selling as well as steamers and utensils to get your business up and running with no hassles. This means you just put this anywhere you want and start selling.

Pinoy Pao Food Cart

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